Auto Accident Treatment

Personal injury arising from an accident, like a slip and fall or a car crash, can leave you suffering from chronic pain. In some cases, conventional medical treatment revolves around trying to treat symptoms of the injury, like pain, through surgery, or painkillers, without attempting to resolve the root causes of a damaged body. The good news is that our “auto injury chiropractor near me” at Creek Chiropractic in Beavercreek, OH, are here to help you get holistic and natural care without needing to rely on invasive or potentially addictive procedures. We also serve the communities of Centerville, OH, Kettering, OH, Bellbrook, OH, and Dayton, OH.


Holistic Care

At Creek Chiropractic, we can offer an alternative to either surgery or dependency on painkillers after a car accident. Chiropractic medicine offers a holistic approach, focused on finding the fundamental causes for pain and inflammation and then applying remedies designed to help enhance the body's own natural healing processes.

Spinal Adjustments

In cases of both whiplash and concussions, chiropractic care may offer patients significant relief. The fundamental cause of the pain in both the skull and neck might ultimately be forceful trauma to the spine during the original accident. The spinal cord runs from the base of your brain to the bottom of your pelvis. It is a nerve which carries the many signals to the brain to all parts of the body and back. To keep this important never safe, the body protects it by alternating pieces of bone, called vertebrae, and spinal discs. These vertebrae and discs occupy very precise positions in the spinal column but can be dislodged during the shock of an auto accident and become misaligned.

Should a vertebra or disc be out of place, it can rub against the spinal cord or other vertebrae or discs. It could also rub against one of the many nerves that run off of the spine and into the body. In these cases, inflammation can develop and cause pain in the back, the neck, or other limbs.

Our chiropractor can adjust the spinal column to attempt to restore the misaligned bone or disc to its more natural position. If the misalignment is an underlying cause, pain can be lessened or even eliminated.

Get Personal Injury and Whiplash Treatments from an Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

If you live in or near Beavercreek, OH, and are looking for an auto injury chiropractor near you, call our team at Creek Chiropractic for your rehabilitation and recovery needs. Our chiropractor, Dr. Brian Briggs, has been providing chiropractic care for over twenty years. We are pleased and proud to bring our friends and neighbors in the region the alternative and holistic care they are looking for. Call (937) 789-7341 today for an appointment with a “chiropractor near me.” We can provide treatment for a personal injury, whiplash, concussions, and more for the communities of Centerville, OH, Kettering, OH, Bellbrook, OH, and Dayton, OH.

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