Meet the Chiropractor

Dr Briggs received his doctorate degree in 2003 and has since then been helping people in his community reach their health goals. In the past Dr. Briggs has worked in medical clinics and continues to work with multiple doctors to help patients maximize their potential. Dr.Briggs has traveled as far as Brazil with a group of doctors to care for people in need as part of a mission trip. In his spare time Dr. Briggs enjoys time with his family, exercise, outdoor activities and being involved in his community. As part of his community outreach work he does, he does health talks to educate the public on ways to get well and stay well.This benefits local employers with happier, healthier employees which increases productivity and decreases operating costs. Employees benefit with greater health and energy for there work and personal lives.

As a doctor of chiropractic Dr. Briggs understands that wellness is a lifestyle. Through exercise advice, nutritional support and chiropractic care he helps his patients reach a higher level of health. This way patients benefit from not only greater quantity of years but also greater quality years.

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