Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain affects many people throughout the Dayton area. Traditional treatment methods often produce few results.

Visiting Us in Dayton provides many patients with new hope for obtaining relief from their lower back pain.

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What Are Some Causes Of Lower Back Pain?

The reason that a person experiences low back pain depends upon a number of factors. Some people experience low back pain due to an accident, injury, or repetitive work duties. These circumstances typically cause lower back pain that heals with time. This is called “Acute pain.”

Some people experience illness or other medical conditions that result in long-term low back pain that potentially becomes worse over time, particularly without effective treatment. Some examples include arthritis in the lower back, spinal stenosis, and fibromyalgia. This is called “Chronic pain.”

Symptoms Of Low Back Pain

Do not assume that your backache in the lower spine is a temporary occurrence that will go away in a couple days by taking over-the-counter medications. Experiencing low back pain results in different symptoms for different people, depending upon the cause and location of the pain.

Some symptoms include sharp pain, aching, or pain that radiates to other areas, such as your legs. Other symptoms potentially include numbness or weakness. Some people find themselves less able to perform work duties or household duties because of lower back pain.

Does Chiropractic Care For Low Back Pain Really Work?

Results of multiple studies confirm the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments for lower back pain. In fact, some study results indicate that treatments received from a chiropractor outperformed traditional treatments. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published results of a 2004 study where researchers assessed 192 study participants with low back pain. Participants received either muscle relaxant medications with sham adjustments, placebo with sham adjustments or chiropractic adjustments with placebo medications. Researchers concluded that chiropractic treatment proved more beneficial in reducing participants’ low back pain than the placebo medications and more beneficial than muscle relaxants or placebo in reducing Global Impression of Severity Scale (GIS).

In another study, researchers measured the likelihood of study participants filling prescription opioid medications when participants received chiropractic care and among participants who did not receive chiropractic treatments. Results showed that individuals receiving treatment from a chiropractor were 55 percent less likely to fill the prescription than those not receiving treatment from a chiropractor. 

How We Help You Reduce My Lower Back Pain?

Dr. Briggs has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat your low back pain. He helps patients throughout Dayton area reach their goal of improved wellness, improved lifestyle and reduced lower back pain. Contact Us for an appointment to get relief from your lower back pain at (937) 789-7341. 


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