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Life in Dayton/Beavercreek, Ohio, means putting up with four seasons of potentially very bad weather. Fall and winter are particularly notorious seasons for slip and fall injuries. Wet and icy walkways lead to injuries when people slip and hit the ground. That is when you need a chiropractor to help correct the injuries caused. Dr. Brian Briggs in Dayton/Beavercreek, Ohio, offers personal injury treatment for slip and fall injuries. We work with your attorney and insurance to provide the best care without costing you more.


Fall and Winter Spur Slip and Fall Injuries

When people slip on icy walkways and other surfaces, they suffer many common injuries. Most people reach out to break their fall. That causes wrist injuries when your entire weight, plus momentum from falling, focus on your wrist. You might sprain it or even more commonly break your wrist with a fracture.

The shoulders and ankles also suffer lots of damage during slip and fall accidents. The shoulder often absorbs lots of punishment from a fall. Fortunately, the shoulder blade is one of the most durable bones in your body. But, the collar bone and lots of soft tissue can suffer injuries or shoulder dislocation. A licensed chiropractor can help you heal faster by ensuring your muscles and bones are properly positioned and working as they should. Your muscles and bones always heal better when your body parts are properly positioned. That also helps to alleviate any associated pain.

How to Prevent Slipping and Falling

While it is not always possible to control your environment, you always can control how you walk and what you wear. Good shoes or boots give you traction in snowy and wet conditions will help stop you from falling. You also need to pay attention to walkways and other areas outdoors where ice, snow, and rain can fall and accumulate. Slip and falls often occur through a combination of negligence by property owners, and a lack of paying attention. Walking cautiously, while paying close attention to the walking surface, can prevent the vast majority of slip and fall accidents. It also helps when your footwear provides good traction.

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