Work Injury Treatment

Work Injury Treatment and Prevention with Our Dayton Chiropractic Staff

If you live near Dayton OH, we want you to consider us as your place to go for reliable and affordable holistic care of a work injury. Our compassionate staff, led by Dr. Brian Briggs, understands that any type of acute or chronic condition affecting your ability to function in the workplace can be extremely stressful...and the last thing you want is to subject yourself to harmful drugs or invasive procedures!

Man With Work Injury

Common Type of Work Injury 

It doesn't matter what type of work you do every day. Whether relatively sedentary or relatively active, you may be at risk for a variety of common aches and pains that can disrupt your ability to function on the job. Conditions we see often include:

  • Tech neck: pain and stiffness in the neck caused by looking down at a phone for too long
  • Muscle strains and ligament sprains: common in the shoulders, back, and legs, we see soft tissue injuries in people who work in a trade (such as carpenters and electricians), people who are first responders, and people who work in healthcare—or anyone who performs repetitive lifting, bending, twisting, or other types of movement
  • Sciatica: compression of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar spine, often occurring when a spinal disc bulges out of place or herniates from cumulative or acute stress
  • Lower back pain: poor ergonomics, sitting too much, and stress can all contribute to lower back pain (e.g., osteoarthritis, disc injury,  and joint subluxations)

Poor body mechanics and frequent sitting can also cause core muscle weakness. Without a stable core, you may be more susceptible to the stresses of work activities.

How Our Dayton Chiropractor Can Alleviate Your Work Injury Accident Injury 

As a respected and experienced Dayton chiropractor, Dr. Brian Briggs has so much to offer you for relief from your work injury accident injury:

  • Chiropractic adjustments: correct spinal joint misalignments, reduce pain, and integrate mind/body communication
  • Corrective exercises: we want you to heal injured and inflamed tissues but also establish strength and endurance in postural muscles so you can function optimally on the clock 
  • Nutritional guidance: the food you eat can either help or hurt your injury—we'll give you customized advice that acknowledges your needs and preferences while also helping you get all the nutrients you need to heal from the inside out 
  • Acoustic compression therapy: pressurized sound waves stimulate muscle cells and other tissues to repair and regrow 

Struggling With a Worker's Comp Injury? 

Contact Us at (937) 789-7341 to schedule an appointment with our Dayton chiropractor, Dr. Briggs. 


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